dawn gettler

time to quiet the voices

to build a home to build a home
Upper Iowa University


to build a home to build a home
Gateway Building
Peoria, IL

to build a home
dawn gettler
wood, paper, pickling salt, altered fans, video, audio, fluorescent lights

collaborative maquettes and keepsakes
dawn gettler and josh cox
wood, chipboard, balsa wood, pickling salt, slide projector

for the longest time my work has been what i would call a journey to find what was missing. we are ingrained to want, to desire, to need. the objects i would make would fill the void for mere moments. the places and spaces would provide some comfort for as long as i stayed in them. i always knew these things i made were temporary and wouldn’t exist forever. i make something to fill a void knowing it would only provide comfort for a short amount of time in what seems like an eternity without it. the time and effort in making these objects, rooms, and spaces seems minimal in comparison to the vast amount of time i spent longing. i am no longer interested in looking for something or trying to figure out what it is that would provide me with a feeling of contentment and most importantly happiness. i have found it.

life has changed and the things i’ve longed for, sought after, and desired have become realities.

now i collaborate with my partner to construct environments that reflect a more permanent intimacy. we are not building places in order to find what we’re missing, but rather we’re building places that put form to feelings that we’ve found. this place i have made here, in the gateway building, is an expression of my contentment, it is a love letter to my partner. it is a place where others can feel comfort, dream, and relate to someone else’s happiness and hopefully find some of their own.

i’m no longer interested in a life without you.

more images coming soon.

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