dawn gettler

time to quiet the voices

lake story resonance
collaborative project with Josh Cox and Dawn Gettler
Waldemar A. Schmidt Art Gallery
Wartburg College
January 4-February 11, 2018

wish you were here

wish you were here
collaborative project with Josh Cox and Dawn Gettler
Regional Alumni Invitational
Prairie Center of the Arts


collaborative project with Josh Cox and Dawn Gettler
DEMO Project
Springfield, Il

Our experiences are based upon memories and desires.

We’ve each previously and independently constructed places of temporary intimacy, crafting rebuilt versions of beloved bittersweet memories or making spaces where feelings of longing and desire resonate. the objects made and spaces constructed would fill the void for mere moments, the installations providing some personal comfort in the time spent in them. these environments are temporary and won’t exist forever. We made things to fill a void knowing it would only provide comfort for a short amount of time in what seemed like an eternity without it.

Life has changed and the things we longed for, sought after, and desired have become realities.

We are no longer interested in looking for something or trying to figure out what it is that would provide us with a feeling of contentment and, most importantly, happiness. We have found it.

Now we construct environments that reflect a more permanent intimacy. We’re not building places in order to find what we’re missing, but rather we’re building places that put form to feelings that we’ve found.

“reverie” is a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream.

more images to come soon.

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