dawn gettler

time to quiet the voices

time lapse video
two days of installing at ohio northern university
video composed from 754 still images
music credit: cat power

louder than silence
site specific installation at ohio northern university
elzay gallery
january 18th, 2013 – february 23, 2013
wooden structure, rotating motor, altered fans, sewn paper, cut text flocked in pickling salt
10h’ x 24’w x 24’d (octagon)

Octagons have been built for centuries for a number of reasons. Function, efficiency, and design fulfilled the needs of many. In other cultures the eight sided spaces were built as a place where one could go to feel whole or complete. I wondered if I built one that sheltered and whispered, would I have a better understanding of what it might be like to feel complete, or just possibly, maybe, desire a little less.

louder than silence | 2013 | work