dawn gettler

time to quiet the voices

buried in the sheets
wooden armature, sewn paper, sand, paint, buried text, florescent lights

crossing you in style someday
solo show
Rosemary Duffy Larson Gallery
Broward College
Davie, Florida
November 2013 – January 2014

work for this show was made while in residence at the Prairie Center of the Arts in Peoria, IL
October – November 2014

buried in the sheets
wood, sewn paper coated in sand blasting abrasive, LED lights, video projection, audio
video: it’s you
length: 5 minutes 25 seconds
comprised from stills taken from deinstalling a place for all the things left unsaid
8’ x 10’

for the longest time my work has been what i would call a journey to find what was missing. the objects i would make would fill the void for mere moments. the places and spaces would provide some comfort for as long as i stayed in them. i always knew these things i made were temporary and wouldn’t exist forever. i make something to fill a void knowing it would only provide comfort for a short amount of time in what seems like an eternity without it. the time and effort in making these objects, rooms, and spaces seems minimal in comparison to the vast amount of time i spend longing.

i am no longer interested in looking for something or trying to figure out what it is that would provide me with a feeling of contentment and most importantly happiness. i have found it. and now i am afraid of what it’s going to be like when i can’t have it. we are ingrained to want, to desire, to need. i am not so good with or interested in the feelings, physically and mentally, that come with the absence of it.

i built things in the hope that i would find it. now i build things in the hope that i will forget.

this place is what it feels like without you.

crossing you in style someday | 2013 | work